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Big Dogs: 1570
Medium Dogs: 988
Small Dogs: 334
  High: 74° F
Low: 58° F

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Dog Events

May 8
New CD Dogology is finally Mastered! Click here to listen to samples

April 8
Big Dogs Island Visiting Day

September 8
Small Dogs Island Visiting Day

November 22
Around the Island On Boat
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We are proud to have been covered internationally even only in the first month of launch. If you work in the media, as a researcher, journalist or as a broadcast personality, please feel free to talk about our site and what we are doing. We would love to hear from you if you do. There is a press release that you can download here:
Press Release in Word Format


Village Voice, 4/16/2003

"An unabashed canine lover, Mr. Roboto's always been intrigued by the notion of free-range pooches骳ould they survive without human-served bowls of kibble? The brains behind Dog Island ( have set up a dog utopia off the coast of Florida. "

"Fido ?triste e sottomesso? In Florida c'?un atollo per riportarlo alla normalit?
A un cane si pu?volere bene in mille modi. C'?chi lo considera alla stregua di un bimbo viziato da portare in vacanza o in pasticceria e chi lo tratta "alla pari" tanto da renderlo partecipe del m萵age di coppia o da portarlo in un postribolo ad hoc, un po' come se fosse un commilitone finito a svernare in un porto dei mari del Sud. ..."


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The Brad Messer Show, San Antonio

Take the Plunge!  

Give your dog a chance at a better life. Dog Island is the solution to a free and natural life.

Save Money!  
Recent legislation in several towns has taken the costs of Dog Islands out of tax money.

Daily Discovery  

Dogologists around the world are studying the behavioral development on Dog Island. Exciting and new things are happening on almost daily basis.

Soothing Sounds  

Several of our dogologists have placed microphones on Dog Island. Listen to the soothing sounds of Dog Island.

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